Annotated Bibliography 12: 1X1 Stickers.


This article talks about how Sangco created a way to make pixel art in reality. The invention is 1×1 pixel sized stickers that come in boxes that have 14,800 stickers in them, 400 stickers in 36 colors and 800 solid black stickers. The idea came to Sangco after seeing people replicate pixel art with post-it notes. Sangco saw what great art people were creating on their computers in games like Minecraft. Sangco offers various rewards for people who pledge a certain amount on the Kickstarter. If someone makes a pledge of $500 on the Kickstarter then they will get the Pixel Picasso Package that includes the normal box, an applicator, and a frame to display the art in. The crowdfunding continued until November 5th 2014. Continue reading “Annotated Bibliography 12: 1X1 Stickers.”

Annotated Bibliography 11: PIXU.


The PIXU was launched on kickstarter in 2016. The PIXU takes pictures of people and turns them into 8-bit pixel portraits. The PIXU can also take famous artworks and turn them into 8-bit pixel pieces.  The PIXU was created by a korean man named Joo. Joo wanted to create something that made the world more simple in his eyes. Joo felt like the world was far too complex and that it needed to be simplified by using pixel art. The kickstarter raised over 10,000 dollars with 154 campaign backers. Continue reading “Annotated Bibliography 11: PIXU.”

Annotated Bibliography 10: Nikola Tesla street renaming.

The newspaper article discusses that a street in Belgrade will be renamed in Tesla’s honor. The article explains that the street was renamed to bring more awareness to the inventor. “Tesla’s work allowed the city to receive AC electrical power from Decew Falls around 1898.” The entire article is mainly about honoring Tesla and his achievements. Also the article is about the fundraising for the Tesla Education Corporation. Continue reading “Annotated Bibliography 10: Nikola Tesla street renaming.”

Annotated Bibliography 9: The Bard At Home.

This magazine describes the intricate details of Shakespeare’s life and his home in New Place. The article also brings up modern debates and theories about the great playwright’s life. Some believe that Shakespeare retreated from public life after the death of his son; others however believe he lived a bustling life in london. The article also describes the excavation of Shakespeare’s home. It also goes on to explain that Shakespeare may have bought New Place as a response to his death to make his family feel whole again. The magazine ends with giving one last thought about how lively the house could have been at one point. Continue reading “Annotated Bibliography 9: The Bard At Home.”

Annotated Bibliography 8: Hyperbole and a Half.

Hyperbole and a Half

This blog was run by a woman named Allie Brosh that became fairly popular after a few relatable comics in 2011. The blog was created in 2009 when the Creator decided to depict her life events in a humorous way. The blog/comic website gained a huge of popularity after she made a comic depicting too much enthusiasm over cleaning. The image was then turned into an internet meme causing Brosh’s comics to skyrocket in popularity. Brosh’s last comic that she made was one labeled Menace. This comic depicts Brosh as a child wearing a dinosaur costume. She then describes how when she wore the costume it empowered her to do things she wouldn’t normally do without it on, basically she did the things that she wanted to do without worrying about the consequences. The blog has been inactive since 2013.

The credibility of this source is somewhat questionable because the blog’s last post was in 2013 however, the comics depicted are based on real life events in Brosh’s life. I believe that this source is credible but others may not feel the same way.

I believe that this will work well as a artist/designer/blog source for my Isearch paper. At the beginning of the year I attempted to make a comic but I had to put it aside whenever my grades began to suffer in turn. I decided that I would research about a successful professional comic and see how Brosh made her comic so successful. It helped me realize that the way to a successful comic is consistency and to have time to work on it. Brosh may not be a good example of the later noting how her blog/comic has been inactive since 2013.