Annotated Bibliography 10: Nikola Tesla street renaming.

The newspaper article discusses that a street in Belgrade will be renamed in Tesla’s honor. The article explains that the street was renamed to bring more awareness to the inventor. “Tesla’s work allowed the city to receive AC electrical power from Decew Falls around 1898.” The entire article is mainly about honoring Tesla and his achievements. Also the article is about the fundraising for the Tesla Education Corporation.

The article appears to be credible, since it was published in the Stony Creek News which is an actual newspaper. The article uses a normal 3rd person omniscient throughout it. The article was published in early 2016 so it can be considered up to date.

This article will fit into my ISearch paper as a way to set up background for the Tesla boss battle in the game. The battle could possibly take place on said street mentioned in the article. Also the article mentions some of Tesla’s inventions which could help with battle mechanics. Tesla could in game shoot an X-Ray at the player that causes slow damage. Also Tesla invented the remote control which can be worked into the battle some how. This article will fit very nicely into my ISearch paper.

“Nikola Tesla street renaming honours inventor who electrified Hamilton.” Stoney Creek News (ON) 14 July 2016: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 31 Oct. 2016.


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