Annotated Bibliography 11: PIXU.


The PIXU was launched on kickstarter in 2016. The PIXU takes pictures of people and turns them into 8-bit pixel portraits. The PIXU can also take famous artworks and turn them into 8-bit pixel pieces.  The PIXU was created by a korean man named Joo. Joo wanted to create something that made the world more simple in his eyes. Joo felt like the world was far too complex and that it needed to be simplified by using pixel art. The kickstarter raised over 10,000 dollars with 154 campaign backers.

The article was written relatively recent, having been published in 2016. The article seems to be a credible source since it was published in the PR Newswire. So I believe this source is a credible one.

This article may not have a great presence in my Isearch paper unlike the previous articles, books, and blogs that I’ve covered. This article mainly described a toy that makes images into pixel art. It doesn’t exactly help my pixel art or game design aspects of my senior mastery.  However, I found this article to be a cool find. It’s a device that takes something that takes me hours to create and makes it in around a minute. However, I can imagine that it has a very specific style different from myself and other pixel artists. Just like normal artists, everyone’s art styles are different including artists who work with pixel art. I enjoyed the reading the article but I don’t believe that it will be much help to me or my Isearch paper.

PR, Newswire. “PIXU Allows Users to Turn Portraits into Tangible and Eternal Pieces of 8-Bit Pixel Art.” [“PIXU-8Bit-Pixel-Art”]. PR Newswire US, 05 Aug. 2016.


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