Annotated Bibliography 12: 1X1 Stickers.


This article talks about how Sangco created a way to make pixel art in reality. The invention is 1×1 pixel sized stickers that come in boxes that have 14,800 stickers in them, 400 stickers in 36 colors and 800 solid black stickers. The idea came to Sangco after seeing people replicate pixel art with post-it notes. Sangco saw what great art people were creating on their computers in games like Minecraft. Sangco offers various rewards for people who pledge a certain amount on the Kickstarter. If someone makes a pledge of $500 on the Kickstarter then they will get the Pixel Picasso Package that includes the normal box, an applicator, and a frame to display the art in. The crowdfunding continued until November 5th 2014.

The article dates back to 2014. This article written by PRNewswire seems to be a credible source. This article is from a few years back so it’s not exactly that up-to date. I feel like this article is a reliable source.

I feel like this article is like the last annotated bibliography that I covered, It won’t exactly fit super well into my Isearch paper but I found it to be a really good read. I actually wouldn’t mind buying some of these stickers and attempting to assemble something worthwhile for my senior mastery. I will talk about this article in my Isearch paper but it won’t be a pinnacle part of the discussion unlike other annotated bibliographies I’ve done. Sangco seems to have a good idea with bringing pixel art into the world. The world probably would do well with a bit more pixel art.

PR, Newswire. “1X1 Stickers Allow Users to Create and Display Custom Pixel Art outside of a Computer Screen.” [“1x1stickers”]. PR Newswire US, 13 Oct. 2014.


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