Annotated Bibliography 9: The Bard At Home.

This magazine describes the intricate details of Shakespeare’s life and his home in New Place. The article also brings up modern debates and theories about the great playwright’s life. Some believe that Shakespeare retreated from public life after the death of his son; others however believe he lived a bustling life in london. The article also describes the excavation of Shakespeare’s home. It also goes on to explain that Shakespeare may have bought New Place as a response to his death to make his family feel whole again. The magazine ends with giving one last thought about how lively the house could have been at one point.

I believe that this magazine article is indeed a credible source. The article was printed inside of a credible magazine named “Archaeology”. The information is definitely up-to-date since it was updated earlier this year. This may not be the most credible source in my bibliography since it’s from lesser-known magazine. The source doesn’t seem to have any noticeable bias in it. The information at least sounds reliable. The goal of this source is to inform the reader about Shakespeare’s life when he wasn’t writing plays.

This will fit this into my ISearch paper in the section dedicated to the Bosses and Mini-Bosses. This article helped me decide what Shakespeare’s attacks and setting that his boss battle will take place in. Shakespeare’s setting will more than likely be set in his family home, New Place. Also, this will fit into my paper in the sections about character development and general characterization. This article can possibly determine what Shakespeare will taunt the player with or what the player will taunt him with. This also could determine what Shakespeare attacks the player with.

RAVILIOUS, KATE. “The Bard At Home.” Archaeology 69.4 (2016): 44. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 21 Sept. 2016.


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