Senior Mastery

Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

Exhibition Proposal


Student Name: Allison Funderburk                                           Major: Digital Communications

Exhibition Title: The Trials and Tribulations of Pixel Art.

Description of Exhibition:

My concentration for my senior exhibition mostly focuses on pixel art. My exhibition includes several pixel art pieces that were worked on throughout the year. The exhibition will also include a few speedpaint/timelapse videos of the pixel art being created. My Internship with Mroz marketing helped me with the design aspects of my senior mastery. The exhibOn my own I will learn how to code in the game engine, RPG Maker VX Ace, and how to input graphics. I will design a kick butt presentation portfolio cover.

Rationale for Choosing This Exhibition:

I chose this topic for my senior mastery for one major reason: That I love to create enthralling stories and I love to make Graphic art. Graphic art is something that I’ve loved for many years. Back in middle school is when my passion for Graphic art began. I remember asking my mother for a drawing tablet the Christmas of 8th grade.  This mastery will help me learn many skills that I will continue to pursue in my future. I plan to be a game designer and webcomic artist as a hobby. I would love to be both full time but I don’t like the actual industry for either.

Senior Mastery Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology